Adopt a Road - Litter Pick up

We need your help to keep our community beautiful!
Please use the "Contact Us" feature if you want to adopt a road.

Steve & Kim Whitworth - Lake Groves Road NE and Parker St NE
Kurt & Cheryl Deboer - Placid Lakes Blvd, north of Lake Groves Road to Catfish Creek Road
Tom & Patricia Meisenheimer - Challenger NW
Lake August Lake Association volunteers - Washington Blvd NW - PL Blvd to LA Loop
Will Stratton - Washington Blvd NE and Community Center triangle
Nick & Marcia Price - Lake August loop
Open - Aleution NE
Suly Pritchard- Lincoln Road NE (Suly could use some help) 
John & Connie Luke - Placid Lakes Blvd, south of Lake Groves Road to Island Parkway
Frank & Kristie Busch - Lake Groves Road NW - PL Blvd to the Duke Energy substation
Open - Catfish Creek Road
Lee & Lynn Bialek-Golf course loop-Lincoln NW, PL Blvd, Grissom NW, Sheppard NW, Claremont NW
Open - Placid Lakes Blvd, south of Island Parkway to south community entrance
Chris & Ami Nelson - Jersey ST NE at Placid View and Martinique
Fran Bearden- Placid Lakes Blvd from Hwy 70 to the south entrance